Expense reports are tedious and time-consuming. Many companies rely on outdated processes and tools, wasting the time and the energy of employees and finance teams. It is painful for everyone!

if I ever quit my day job, it would be for starting an escape room themed "get a corporate approval for an international business trip" I really hate auditing some of these folks’ expense reports. No consideration for the person reviewing them. None! Expense reports really are miserable, regardless of the fact that I get my own $$ back. Where are all those receipts?! #worklife Have I ever mentioned I hate expense reports??? Unpopular opinion: They teach us arts and crafts with glue sticks as children, so that we grow up ready to glue receipts for expense reports There are few things I hate more than filling out expense reports As a kid, you see office workers on TV use phrase 'expense reports' and it sounds exotic. When you grow up, you find out its a cruel joke... Love traveling. Hate expense reports. I have to do 3 months’ worth of expense reports. It’s basically free money but I don’t know if I want it. Because expense reports make me sweaty. It’s a task I have to complete. I hate that. Lol It’s 1AM on a rainy Tuesday night and I finally understand why adults hate doing expense reports... Expense reports blow... I hate filling these out! I hate expense reports...that is all... this is the most adult thing i’ll ever say on here:
    i fucking hate expense reports I hate expense reports more than I hate tomatoes. And I reeeeeally hate tomatoes. Carry on. I really hate auditing some of these folks’ expense reports. No consideration for the person reviewing them. None! Every once in awhile, when I want to complain about the tediousness of expense reports, I remember how we used to do it barely a dozen years ago: fill out a spreadsheet form, print it, sign it, flatten receipts & tape them to blank paper, then fax in the whole mess. Expense reports, expense reports, oh how I hate thee ... <somebody finish this poem or these expense reports for me por favor I fucking hate expense reports. excel expense reports gotta be the most annoying thing ever. I hate touching all these receipts I wonder if expense-reporting systems suck so much because executives have assistants who handle the drudgery for them. Expense reports really are miserable, regardless of the fact that I get my own $$ back. Where are all those receipts?! Nothing stresses me out more than trying to use our awful expense reporting system. I literally hate expense reporting. This shit sucks We just got a new travel expense reporting system...and there goes 4 hours of my day whoever invented an expense reporting system that crashes and deletes all my data 50% of the time definitely cares about my productivity Purgatory is just filling out expense claims After 6 hours in front of the PC, I know now I SUCK at expense reporting. Please ask God, or Jesus, or the Bible why expense reporting software sucks so bad. New T&E expense reporting system at work makes me never want to go anywhere again. SO AWFUL. #isitvacationyet? I suspect the awful expense reporting system we use at work doubles the cost of every expense due to time I spend trying to make it work. 6 hour flight home.  3 hours of expense reporting.  equally awful. Seriously wtf, fucking concur is the absolute worst garbage for expense reporting. Fucking god awful slow. Oh dear. Corporate training for the new expense-reporting tool. If it needs training to use, it's going to be awful. I've been expense reporting all day and i am finally done. That was just crazy. As someone who approves expense reports, I hate you lol Time and expense reporting is my own personal nightmare. The thing I hate doing most in life ==
    1. Thinking about expense reports
    2. Doing expense reports
    3. Knowing I have to do expense reports
    4. Talking about expense reports
    5. Explaining expense reports
    6. Anything involving the words expense and report
    Burn Fire them to the ground! i need to stop spending money on my work card for the simple fact i hate doing expense reports Every time I do an expense report I feel like I've lost a few days of my life. So oddly tedious and taxing. Submitted my last expense report on our ancient, time-consuming, prone-to-crashing system Nothing pisses me off more than doing my expense report for work. So fucking annoying and time consuming. Just give us expense cards. If you design expense report software that's more time-consuming to use than filing a paper report, you did it wrong. Dreading filling out my expense report.  We just switched to a new system and it's way more tedious than the old system. 5 hours of Expense Reports down, 2-3 to go. This is awful. Expense report days are SO productive for me because I do EVERYTHING I can think of before I finally do that dreadful thing! OMG. Expense report training and filling out has taken 2 hours. *dies of awful* Spending my afternoon doing my expense report... oh so boring... Nothing is more irritating than filling out an expense report after a long business trip. At this point I’m convinced that SAP Concur’s incredibly awful UI is a very effective technique to discourage people from filing expense reports. Good job SAP Nothing is more draining than filling out an expense report after a campaign trip I hate expense reports. I hate expense reports. I hate expense reports... and so on. I fucking hate expense reports and manual categorization of expenses. Like. HATE. LIKE FUCKING HATE. I hate when I'm doing my expense reports and it makes me feel like I'm making a lot of money, when really it's just my own money coming back to me. I hate hate hate hate expense reports. Whoever invented expense reports: I hate you. I really hate that I dreamt about my expense reports last night The worst horror you can inflict upon an employee is to make them fill out an expense report. Tedious does not begin to describe. The most tedious thing you might ever have to do at work is fill out an expense report.

It doesn't have to be this way!

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